Avanti Screen Media September Newsletter

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have just seen sight of either an early version or a draft of Avanti’s September Newsletter.

Biggest story is of course that “Avanti joins forces with Neo” although we would have been a bit harsher in our headline and would have said “Neo takes over Avanti” but either way it’s a nice bit of news and good we think for the industry and investors.

Also we saw that GetMeMedia picked Avanti’s Bluetooth network as ‘idea of the month’ – this is a strange one and needs more exploration.

Advertising on Setanta must be doing well – even though 99% of the male English football supporting population hate them – and gets its own section and finally there was a small bit about the Royal Air Force advertising on their Mall network.

STOP PRESS it’s now available http://www.avanti-screenmedia.com/Newsletter.html

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