Two Uses For Astral’s DOOH Technology

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Astral Out-of-Home has recently partnered with provincial law enforcement agencies to post AMBER Alert announcements on its 32 digital network signs in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

In the event of an AMBER Alert, Astral will interrupt the display of its clents’ regular ads to exclusively display the message instantly across its digital network and update it as the situation evolves. Using its DOOH network, the AMBER Alert messages will reach more than 2 million people. (Astral already delivers AMBER Alert messages via its specialty television and radio stations.)

“Maintaining close ties with communities across Canada is at the heart of our management philosophy and our employees’ values,” says Luc Sabbatini, president, Astral Out-of-Home. “As responsible citizens we have an extraordinary ability to help the AMBER Alert Program raise awareness, at times when our communities need us the most.”

In a totally separate use of digital technology, Astral Affichage (Astral Out-of-Home) has been running a contest on its Street Columns and MegaColumns in Montreal using a 2D bar code. When people scan a 2D bar code with their Smart Phones, they are directed to a contest for a chance to win prizes related to the Montreal Canadiens or their favorite stars.

Astral management says that using this technology opens up new possibilities for displaying street postings, and that it is likely to be increasingly used by advertisers to redirect consumers to the many applications that can be derived (text, images, sounds, videos) in connection with the ads. With it, it says, the display reaches a new level which allows an advertiser to establish a privileged relationship with the consumer.

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