You Make The News

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

From our ‘Trends and Predictions for 2008‘ our thoughts again on UGC…

User Generated Content (UGC). We will see more networks accept and make use of UGC – whether it be a simple SMS or (polite) MMS, home grown video programme or wannabe TV production from YouTube, CurrentTV or elsewhere. Content from the masses will make it onto digital out of home screens and help fill the content void that is appearing. Moderation may be somewhat of an issue in the short term so early uses may be limited to interactive competitions and where some element of control can be easily maintained. Event based UGC will be even bigger as networks accommodate the brands’ desire to be seen as “cool by connecting to the consumer” and we will see more branded shop window, shopping mall and airport experiential marketing predominantly being based around digital screens

It’s sometimes now called Viewer Created Content (VC2) – or at least this term is gaining popularity as used by CurrentTV

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