BroadSign Starts Laying Off Staff

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are now hearing lots of rumours, all from folks in the US who have no particular axe to grind, that BroadSign has started laying off staff in both Montreal and at at their USA head office, the Petters HQ building in Minnetonka.

First to go was their Executive Vice President Worldwide Marketing and Products in Minnetonka who strangely enough came from Petters Group Worldwide along with Engels.

Late last week 12 members of staff were also let go in Montreal out of a total workforce of about 55 employees that Broadsign has in Canada.

2 Responses to “BroadSign Starts Laying Off Staff”

  1. J Says:

    Re: your top “10” digital signage vendors”.
    Why is Symon Communications not in the top 3.

    =1 Cisco
    =1 EnQii
    3. Broadsign
    4. C-nario
    5. YCD
    6. ScreenRed
    7. Scala
    8. Remotemedia
    9. TELentice

  2. Jak Kaye Says:

    Re; your top 10: I also noticed that you did not include Symon. Compared to these other 10 they would definitely be at or near the top.

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