Dollars Not Finding Opportunities

JP Biamby

What it is exactly about this graph pictured below that has Chief Research Officers from Fortune 500 companies up in arms at this week’s Media Magazine’s Outfront Conference.

Answer: Disruption.

The issue at hand is that there is a disconnect, or discrepancy between research data which reports the amount of time people spend viewing TV vs. the amount of time they spend surfing the web online and comparatively how much ad agencies actually spend on TV advertising vs. online advertising.

Allegedly, there is or is not a gap between the two media spends and it’s corresponding audience, which can be viewed as an opportunity or a challenge, depending on which way you see it.

As I see it, the web, mobile and digital all have much more potential as advertising mediums than television, and this very idea challenges the current business model which advertisers have relied on for years. I believe, and I hope that this will present brands with all kinds of new opportunities to connect with consumers in the future.

4 Responses to “Dollars Not Finding Opportunities”

  1. Nicolaas Pereboom Says:

    Three remarks:

    First, TV will remain a very important channel for advertisers as it becomes connected (NetTV) and as ‘digital’ as the other channels

    Second: TV in its digital connected form will be one of the main channels in multiplatform/multi-device content (read: advertising) delivery (next to mobile and social media – I do not see a big future for websites anymore)

    Third: reaching people on the web (click away), mobile (forget mobile banners) and in social media (I am there to connect and engage, not to be spammed) is thousand times harder. TV (and DOOH) is the only model left where I can ‘intercept’ and engage viewers rather easy.


  2. Jon Keller Says:

    Or put another way, advertiser mediums are much like ball players – under paid early in their careers, and over paid at the end of their careers.

  3. Ronald Gross Says:

    First off I concure with Nicolaas Pereboom. Second, like all new mediums, the WOW factor plays into everyone’s attention. The ME factor is what sustains it and the MONEY factor is what will drive it in the end. But regardless of the above if it is not presented with consideration to the average person it will all become noise and loose its luster quickly. I will come to a point where the quality of the content and its subject matter will drive the success of each initiative.

  4. JP Biamby Says:

    Nicolaas: It still considered TV when connected it is connected to the Internet and not a cable? Otherwise known as ‘Cutting the Cord.’

    Jon: Great analogy!

    Ronald: All things considered, Online & Mobile advertising have all three factors to their advantage and you make an excellent point about making the brand experience relevant to the average person. That’s what is all about!

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