You’ve Got Me For 20 Minutes

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This is quite simple, whilst it costs between Euro 1,200 and 1,300 to attend the ISE DOOH Business Conference, 2nd – 3rd Feb 2009 (depending on how quickly you book) this is going to be the first must-attend event of the year for ad agencies, brands, media buyers, planners and screen networks.

First of all you have got me speaking for 20 minutes but better than that, much better than that in fact, is that you have top people from Stroer, Clear Channel, Posterscope, JC Decaux, Neo Advertising, ECE Flatmedia, Arbitron, and LocaModa (and they all have 30 minutes each!!)

There is even a presentation from the 2012 Olympics rollout coordinator.

We believe that it’s going to be a really good event, it will be the perfect place to hear people that you wouldn’t normally get to hear, a great place to network AND of course it’s in Amsterdam!

Mike Blackman, Managing Director, Integrated Systems Events llc kindly sent us the attached PDF before the pamphlets / brochures have gone to print.

Download the PDF here

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