HOUSEKEEPING – Wherever we lay our hat is out of home…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A bit of housekeeping news…

Some of you may have noticed a week or so ago a subtle change to the theme that the blog layout uses? All of a sudden it became 4 columns instead of 3.

Jorge Garcia de Bustos, our Head of R&D has been feverishly working on a number of things recently: –

  • working with the FEEDJIT guys on suggestions to improve their widget offering
  • implementing the 4 column theme in order to accomodate the first two skyscraper banner adverts that we have booked
  • working on the banner rotation offering
  • implementing Podcast support
  • added a POLL capability
  • and lastly working on the ability for users to import the EVENTS that we publicise into a number of desktop Calendars using the RFC standard ICS events

As always we are interested in your thoughts and comments.

A special thanks needs to go to the boys at Amigo Digital who are our first paid banner advertiser – by the way I stole THEIR tag line “Wherever we lay our hat is out of home” for this post 😉

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