Let’s Play At Touch And Go

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Blimey John Foxx couldn’t have written it better “So while I am the one who waits here We all know that it’s all such a game of Touch And Go Let’s play at Touch And Go” yep that’s right whether it is termed Touch & Go or Tap & Go Near Field Communication (NFC) is a hot topic right now.

In a separate article we have a story about one of Posterscope’s forays into NFC with X-Men and here we see Amscreen testing the waters so to speak with an NFC ‘TAP & GO Concept’ technology demonstration…

Even his Lordship (no, no NOT the Earl of Knobworth) has got in on the act with @lord_sugar tweeting “Amscreen may add mobile phone “Tap & Go” features to screens. See concept youtube.com let @Amscreen_Simon know what you think? #nfc”

Amscreen state “The marketing industry has decided that mobile is the platform of the future and is rushing to send messages to your phone. Viewers will be able to learn more about any given advertiser using NFC technology. After the user either taps their NFC-enabled phone they’re taken to a proprietary webpage on their mobile phone, which thanks them for tapping, as the case may be, then provides access to that exclusive content. It will also showcase links that allow users to download”

What would have been nice what with #ScreenMediaExpo being only last week is if Amscreen could have exhibited in London – they would have got a fare amount of feedback from techies and punters.

John Foxx Touch & Go

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