DOOH Consumes Too Many Watts, Say The French

Geny Caloisi

Vincent Almela, the founder of Trigger Networks has kindly done a little bit of citizen journalism for us. While we were at #FEPE in Madrid he told me, that an article from Le Point was criticising the power consumption that DOOH screens on the underground.

The article issued last March 24th, 2011 pointed out that one digital screen consumes 7.000 kilowatt / hour, which is the same energy power consumed by a French family during 5 hours.

At FEPE, Almela launched the iPad version of his company’s Trigger-One software, which by being portable, and providing fast, accurate information for campaigns on any network in the world can save hours of work and therefore save energy.


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  1. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Some dork complained in writing to the London Evening Standard (newspaper) about the DEPs and XTP on the London Underground until some bright spark (pun intended) pointed out that the London Underground trains were all electric!!!

    Same applies to the Paris Metro. D’oh!

  2. Ken Goldberg Says:

    Better to clear forests, like Le Point and its owner Hatier, I suppose.

  3. peter Evans Says:

    7000 kilowatts per hour? thats 7 megawatts per hour, and would need one of these
    to power it. Let’s be generous and assume that the credulous Monsieur Le Point meant 7 kilowatts per hour. Even so, thats a lot for a single sided unit. VMG Double sided 65″ units consume a MAXIMUM of 1.5 kW and they also run touch screens. Maybe it’s environmentalists, not anti advertising campaigners that are vandalising such power hungry screens? More likely its just lazy journalism which helps no-one.

  4. Jason Cremins Says:

    The Primevision screens on the Glasgow Metro incorporate the Samsung 550EXN LED Display units, which with the integrated PC consumes a maximum of 250W when on and 5W in standby.

    If only journalists would do their homework, we would end up with a far more balanced view of the impact of digital advertising on the envirnoment.

  5. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    And Watts means Joules per second, so watts per hour is *acceleration* of energy usage. Perhaps kWh is the right unit to use to compare – but this only makes sense for things that are not constant. Average power usage seems more reasonable – in this case 7kW for the screen versus

    7kW for an LED screen doesn’t seem unreasonable – 16mm pitch screens run at about 1.5kW per square metre.

    7kW for a XTP system? Well a 12,000 lumen Panasonic DLP projector only uses 1.5kW, so let’s assume it has to have 1kW of aircon, but we’re only at a third of the quoted value.

    And as for an iPad reducing the work involved – well if it’s replacing the player, it’s saving at most 300W, it can’t replace the big screen (without the world’s biggest magnifying glass), and as for saving 7kW *continuously* by “providing fast, accurate information”… well…

    Alternatively we could put everything in the cloud:

  6. Howard Smith Says:

    Maybe its the Flux Capacitors that need the power. Modern Digital Signage needs these so you can count and profile the future viewers of the screen before the campaign is actually run !

    Oh wait that needs 1.21 GW !!!

  7. Guillaume de La Tour Says:

    For some french association the only activity is to complain. the problem is that they are often heard by the governement..
    It is to metrobus the owner of the network to make a reply to this bullshit.

  8. Ken Goldberg Says:

    Howard… that was brilliant!

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