Reaching The Mall Shopper

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Shoppers should be provided with short, tailored digital messages along their path to purchase to increase engagement and gain maximum reach, Jeff Gunderman, senior vice-president and general manager, Eye Shop USA, told attendents at the POPAI University Masters Program this week in Chicago.

Based on EYE’s experience in reaching mall shoppers, Gunderman discussed the importance of active engagement in the mall and offered advice on how to reach consumers more effectively in the mall environment.

“When an advertiser tailors its message to the mall environment, it has the opportunity to connect with shoppers both as they move around in the mall and when they take a break,” said Gunderman.

Gundermann discussed a recently completed an Eye tracking study which measured what shoppers actually look at in the mall environment. The findings highlighted two key areas of interest for all advertisers wanting to target the shopper audience:

  • 68% of all advertising inventory is viewed within 10 degrees of the Shoppers’ line of sight, so placement is key;
  • 48% of people who look at an ad once, take a second look at that ad, and the secnd look is longer than the first. Subsequent viewing is related to the attraction and relevance of the ad message to the shopper, so creative is key.

Gunderman said, “From the moment shoppers enter the mall, and throughout their entire journey, maximizing reach is a key goal for advertisers who want to connect with consumers.”

He stressed that the shopper path in the mall offers the opportunity to have multiple touch points and that a short digital ad loop dramatically impacts the advertising exposure.

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