Luca Enea-Spilimbergo Joins Gefen

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Former Neo Advertising Director of Operations, Luca Enea-Spilimbergo has joined Gefen Distribution GmbH & Co. KG as Regional Manager Southern Europe

2 Responses to “Luca Enea-Spilimbergo Joins Gefen”

  1. Giuseppe Andrianò Says:

    Well done Luca! ,
    The second AssoDS member that move in one year (still in the DS industry) is absolutely a positive sign of the DS market vitality.
    Good luck in the new position and We will help Neo Italy to found a good candidate for the past Luca’s job also if is very very difficult to replace his competence and customer intimacy.

  2. Ernesto Ettore Troiano Says:

    I bet you wouldn’t leave us alone! Luca congratulations and keep in touch!
    Which means just pick up the phone and give a ring…
    See you

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