(DSN) India Latest Investment By Neo Advertising

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digital Signage Network (DSN) India is the latest company to receive investment from Neo Advertising we believe. Exact terms of the deal have not yet been made public.

Digital Signage Networks India was founded in 2006 / 2007 with a strong management team including two Wharton graduates and is headquartered in Mumbai.

In a few short years DSN has built an interesting network by partnering with India’s leading brands such as Café Coffee Day, McDonald’s and Lifestyle and has placed its interactive screens in a number of premium retail destinations.

We believe that DSN may well target as many as 100 million consumers monthly in India’s premier consumption spaces.

As with other Neo investments, the management team stays in place (Neo invest in ‘people’ as much as anything else) and the deal is a joint venture / partnership more than an acquisition.

DSN’s management team currently consists of: –

  • Gaurang Shah, Founder and CEO
  • Meena Shah, Co-Founder and Head of Operations
  • Devang Shah, Head of Sales
  • Vikas Mulchandani, Manager Projects
  • Fabian Cowan, Sales Business Head West

DSN’s initial investors were Sequoia Capital and Sam Balsara of Madison Communications with something like USD 2 million in seed funding.

5 Responses to “(DSN) India Latest Investment By Neo Advertising”

  1. steve Says:

    Are they making money? Which are the top Digital signage networks in India?

  2. Ben Mooney Says:

    There are a number of large networks across India. Future Media’s network would be up there with the best of them and is set to grow further…

  3. Vernon Says:

    No OOH company is making money out here in India.
    Market is way too fragmented for OOH to have any serious effect.
    Moreover, Advertisers still do not see any ROI in the medium as yet.
    Sad. The slowdown is going to nail a few of the guys here for sure.

  4. sampurna Says:

    We are an OOH company based in India with over 800 properties across 3 Metros. We are looking for strategic tie ups.

  5. Rajesh Says:

    I am closely watching all the ooh players in the market as i buy media on behalf of my clients. But the ROI is very very poor. And some of them like DSN commits deliverables and which doesn’t happen at the end of the day.It’s still far far away to reach the level which is expected of. Very Very Sad!!!!

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