Yan Huybrechts Re-Emerges

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Airport Express, the trade sales and marketing alliance for Gatwick and Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect trains today announced the appointment of Yan Huybrechts (shown above) as the new head of Non-Fare Revenue in the organisation.

Yan for many, many years was a key figure in the early digital signage space but seemed to have all but disappeared recently – back in 1998 Yan was Managing Director of PH4, a company that was in all probability the first ever ‘Digital Media Sales House’ !!

Today’s announcement said…

Huybrechts has spent the last three years working as a freelance consultant, primarily advising on projects such as digital screen networks. Previously he was the Projects Manager at JC Decaux, where as he was responsible for the media buying function of various global advertising agency networks and also Property Directorate of Network Rail.

Kyle Haughton, sales and marketing director at Airport Express told us “Yan will be responsible for developing commercial relationships with partners who wish to use Airport Express’s innovative advertising portfolio to access our ‘hard to reach’ passenger demographic. ”

We wish him luck and look forward to future updates.

Yan replaces Graeme Hay who left at the end of October to setup his own consulting business.

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