Yours For 19K, No, No. No 6K !!!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst we understand that the likes of Sennheiser, Scala, Philips, Vidyo, Polycom, Spinetix, Teliris and Cable and Wireless have most probably parted with money to be part of the Lyonsdown produced AV Communications report (hopefully) being distributing in The Daily Telegraph on 22nd November 2011 we hear that the publisher is looking for a full page sponsor, in their own words “due to a sponsor moving to a different publication of ours”.

The rate card for a full page was listed at GBP 19,995 +VAT but they seem to be offering it now at GBP 6,350 for a full page or GBP 3,550 for a half page.

They will also, in their own words, “will consider all reasonable offers.”

As we made mention back in July, our first sight of the media kit didn’t fill us with a great deal of hope (for this publication) AND just by the sound of the current advertisers (Sennheiser, Scala, Philips, Vidyo, Polycom, Spinetix, Teliris and Cable and Wireless) we get the sense that this is all over the place.

Whilst they allegedly have a nice tie up with Integrated Systems Europe to distribute the supplement at their event in Amsterdam we’d suggest that folks would be well advised to keep their money firmly in their pocket.

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