Esprit Digital @ Electronica 2008

Chris Sheldrake

Esprit Digital tell us that they had a good Electronica 2008 show in Munich last week. They were demonstrating their StreetBright product in the e-signage forum.

This was the first time that the show had this kind of forum – let’s hope they rename it next year (e-signage is frankly a ridiculous term)

Conrac were also there with a touch screen 46” and a 4 x 42” matrix of narrow bezel Panasonic screens. There was also a 108” Sharp panel and a touch screen system from a company called Elektrosil.

The forum itself was positioned between Sharp and Data Module, the two largest stands in the displays hall which was good and we are told that footfall and interest was high.

One of the panel discussions was particularly interesting we are told although they mainly spoke about panels, panels and err panels – Maximilian Huber (Head of Sharp), Peter Hektor (Head of Data Module), Andrew Murray from i-Suppli, and our new friend Christoph Koeller (he who is the driving force behind the ISE DOOH Business Conference in Amsterdam early next year).

Esprit tell us that it was a particularly good show for them with 20+ solid leads and some real business out of the event already.

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