Amscreen’s New Poland Installs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Further to our post ‘Amscreen Rolls Over Poland‘ we’ve secured some Blackberry footage of a number of different installs (they are all separate installations)

Whether you like it or not, the interesting thing about the Amscreen installations is how they all follow the same format, whether in Poland, UK, Germany or UAE the screen itself, the pole and their positions remain consistent – hopefully making it an easy buy for European wide advertisers.

The difficulty that Amscreen might well have though is getting traction with those European media buys – their European Managing Director of Sales & Marketing, Chris Forrester is surely going to have his work cut out reaching these people – if there was ever a reason for an organisation to join (cough, spit) OVAB Europe then perhaps this is one of them.

We know from our conversations with Simon Sugar that his aim is to be recognised as the most compliant digital out of home media channel…

  • They claim to have the most accurate audience measurements, via their store by store transaction numbers that they receive from their retail partners.
  • They are also big users of Quividi and we are told that via this they can prove that 94% of people look at their screens.

Actually we can believe all of that – their (mobile phone) top-up Fridays and other day-of-week campaigns are also surely easily measurable (and the clients keep on returning so they must be doing something right).

Whilst Amscreen like to keep themselves to themselves we’d strongly urge them to work closer with the likes of OVAB Europe. One thing they should adopt and endorse as soon as it’s available is the ‘OVAB/FAW Certificate‘ that @dhuelsermann made mention of in his speech at our Investors’ Conference in NYC last week.

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  1. ssugar Says:

    Adrian thanks for the post , we are in discussions with all the relevant media specialists in Germany and I can confirm that they are more than happy with our general approach and indeed our audience measurement via our transaction data & compliance reporting.

    None of them have actually mentioned OVAB . We are in consistent discussions with Dirk regarding OVAB and have made some suggestions / observations to him.

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