Does Navori No Longer Do Montreal?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Back in November 2009 we wrote about Lausanne based Navori SA opening up a Montreal office. Headed by Shawn Rozansky, we were told that he would oversee operations with the objective of growing the North American market and in their words “by providing the ultimate customer service experience through a local presence”.

Anyway, it seems that two months ago Shawn quietly left the business, returning to work for RSM Richter, a Tax Planning Consulting, Insolvency, Risk Management Advisors business who he worked for between November 2000 and July 2008.

One Response to “Does Navori No Longer Do Montreal?”

  1. Jerome Moeri (Navori's Chairman) Says:

    Dear Mr. Cotterill,

    As always, your articles are entertaining. Your non-conformism and your activisms is what makes you charming.
    First, I want to reaffirm our total commitment to the North American market which so far performed beyond our expectations. In fact, we would be glad to welcome you in our new Montreal office in early January 2012.
    I can tell you that we have grown our operations since 2009. We currently have a team of 10 people operating in sales, engineering and support. Wouldn’t you agree there are very few digital signage software publishers that have physical presence in both continents like we have?
    In regards to trade show participation, we made the decision not to attend the Amsterdam and Las Vegas shows in 2012. We have set up showrooms in our Lausanne and Montreal offices and we plan to meet our major customers and distributors in a more private setting.
    In conclusion, I can tell you our North American operations represent a profitable asset for us.


    M. Jerome Moeri
    Chairman, Navori SA

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