PRN’s ‘Design of the Times’ In-Store Media Awards

Chris Sheldrake

Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN) won four ‘Design of the Times’ In-Store Media Awards a few weeks back at the In-Store Marketing Expo (ISME) in Las Vegas.

Shown above is the spot content that won them a Gold Award which was featured on the TV Wall in the Electronics Department at Walmart. This was a lighthearted storyline focusing on a young couple announcing the impending birth of their first child using the Skype video and voice service.

The awards were presented by Shopper Marketing Magazine and aim to recognise the in-store marketing industry’s best display and retail promotions.

PRN had a fair amount of recognition winning Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. in the ‘Mass Merchant – In-Store Media; category as well as a Silver award in the ‘Supermarket/Grocery: Non-Food Items – In-Store Media’ category.

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