The DPAA-ANA Sponsorship Agreement

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

There are multi reasons that the new Digital Place-based Advertising Association members are expected to benefit from becoming one of the nine Thought Leader Sponsors of the Association of National Advertisers under a recently concluded agreement as announced last week – and vice versa for the ANA’s 18,000 members.

Bob Liodice

Not the least of these is building awareness of the DPAA’s tools and many of the America’s top digital place-based members and their offerings among ANA members who may be looking to explore, enter and expand their marketing opportunities using the growing DOOH industry’s products and developments.

The Thought Leadership Partnership is a great opportunity for DPAA and its members to tell their compelling story to marketers directly by engaging with them on a regular basis through the many platforms offered by ANA. Both organizations will be able to attend each others’ activities and conferences at discounted prices. And DPAA members will have specific discounted opportunities to advertise in ANA media.

“The agreement came about after Bob Liodice, president and CEO of the ANA, and I had breakfast together one morning and started discussing opportunities,” says Susan Danaher, DPAA president. “The chance for our members to be able to access the ANA’s huge database of case histories was only one aspect of a huge bank of benefits that we saw and of which we are now able to take advantage.”

The package also includes:

  • The November issue of ANA’s Thought Leadership multi-page digital magazine will focus on Digital Place-based media. Most of the magazine will be devoted to editorial, however two pages will be made available as advertising opportunities to DPAA members on a first-come, first-served basis. (There will be nine issues of this digital magazine annually, one issue of each devoted largely to one of the ANA Thought Leadership sponsors.);
  • Four ANA eNewsletters will include abstracts on Digital Place-based work done;
  • Two ANA Magazine print ads, which also can be used for advertorials. The first of these will run in the February issue, which will be distributed at ANA’s annual TV & Everything Video Forum in New York. The second one will run in the October issue, to be distributed at ANA’s Masters of Marketing Conference being held Oct. 10-13/12 in Orlando. Either page is available for purchase by DPAA membership, although Danaher is considering one page as an advertorial regarding the DPAA in general;
  • Unlimited contributions to the ANA’s Marketing Knowledge Center (MKC), a repository of marketing intellectual capital and thought leadership that is used exclusively by the ANA membership. (This is the repository of case histories,);
  • One Webinar Wednesday (date to be determined). The webinar would run live for the benefit of ANA members and also would be recorded and archived for on-demand playback;
  • An opportunity to exhibit at the ANA’s annual Masters of Marketing Conference in Orlando. This is the ANA’s biggest annual event and given this partnership, this space will receive preferential positioning. This can be purchased by a DPAA member through the DPAA;
  • As aforementioned, tickets to ANA National conferences, at a discount to DPAA members;

  • Virtual attendance at ANA National Industry conferences. DPAA members can attend the conferences via live stream in the comfort of their own conference room. Again, tickets are available at a discount via the DPAA to member companies.

“This is such a high value package for our members. Just the fact that they can feed case histories into the Marketing Knowledge Center is what got me most excited,” says Danaher. “We understand that ANA members are hungry for leaning content. We’ll work with ANA’s research people to meet their standardized requirements.”

Danaher says that she believes that this agreement allowing DPAA members to reach the 18,000 ANA members should also help attract more DOOH companies to become members of the DPAA. Current membership is about 34, with two new members expected to be announced by March.

“We’re hoping that this opportunity to get in front of the people who hold the purse strings will give even more value to being a DPAA member and will get people who may have been on the fence to finally join,” says Danaher. “This should be an impetus for non-members to take a look.”

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