The Life Channel (TLC) Sales for 2007 hit £7M

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


I wasn’t invited to yesterday’s POPAIDigital forum but one of our researchers was there with about 30 other folks, and as previously reported there were even a couple of retailers present!!

I am happy to report that Jason Cremins seems be growing into the role of POPAIDigital chairman and by all accounts he did a great job with the event and has really started to drive things forward.

The best presentation by far, was I am told, from rightonmedia’s Tor Olav from Norway – which pleases me immensely as I recommended him as a speaker a few months back.

Phil Austin, who I don’t believe enjoys public speaking all that much had a very well crafted presentation which is attached as a PDF and was delivered well and with some aplomb.

Phil had lots of good things to say – it seems that TLC is doing very well at the moment – TLC seems to have gained a great deal of credibility with brands who want to be associated with the channel.

CAN Media (the owners of TLC) are looking at taking the channel into (additional) traditional retail TV networks. They also made mention that their sales for 2007 were £7m !!!

I am not sure who else comes close to those sorts of figures in the UK at the moment.

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