I Hang Around With Fat People…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ask Scala what they really got out of the deal with SpinetiX (announced June 2010) and if they were being totally honest they may well just admit that they got royally screwed – the Scala brand brought a hell of a lot more to SpinetiX (than the other way round) but from all the anecdotal evidence we have ever seen and heard the good old Swiss never up sold one deal to use Scala’s CMS in return.

What then should we make of the January announcement between BlueFox and SpinetiX?

BlueFox who are one of the only content companies to not only survive but actually thrive lent their name to the p’tits suisses. For what purpose exactly we don’t exactly know?

The press release grandly stated that “SpinetiX and … BlueFox are jointly announcing the product integration of their respective technologies on a global scale” – the integration is said to offer extremely easy ‘click-and-play’ access to a multitude of attractive RSS feeds, in several languages.

This is though, surely very similar to ‘EnQii Launches Content App Store‘ which also involved BlueFox AND whatever happened to that initiative?

We know that on the eve of a major event (this announcement was made just before #ISE2012) companies like to make announcements but even several months later there’s really not too much to this one that we, or anyone else for that matter, can get excited about.

The ‘solution’ was demonstrated in the Digital Signage Area at #ISE2012 on both the BlueFox stand 10N134 and SpinetiX, on stand 10K120.

5 Responses to “I Hang Around With Fat People…”

  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    In our experience of building turnkey solutions, customers don’t want to buy a product. They want to buy a system. The more integration like this that we see, the more confident we are that the industry has a future that matches the requirements of the users.

    Time and again I see companies trying to do everything well and failing. Partnerships like this, giving the quality and robustness of the Scala CMS, with the small and basic (yet a bit expensive) Spinetix player, and the lovely Bluefox content, are what customers are looking for. Easy to configure, and guaranteed to work by the protagonists.

  2. Solomon Grundy Says:

    Recall Trumedia with Scala, Samsung, Cnario, Broadsign et al. Recall the Joe Jackson classic song too’ See the happy couple, so inseperable and the beat goes on’! Classics.

  3. Marcin Emersan Says:

    I could not work out what it was that spinetix had done so wrong for every article that mentions them to have some sort of insult…and coincidentally all coming from the rags chief editor. What happens…does spinetix not pay for enough advertising here?

    And I think it is not necessary always to talk about the swiss, and before about the name of their PR person, in a racist way. Also, why this title of hanging around with fat people. Is this supposed to be funny?

  4. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Dear Marcin

    In reverse order …

    1. Funny. Yes it is supposed to be tres humorous (perhaps you are a German, but as you are anonymous we don’t know, if you were a German you probably wouldn’t understand what we on about)

    2. Katinka Dinga, a PR person? Umm well if PR is not sending press releases to people who don’t necessarily always like your product then yes, I guess she’s a PR person

    3. Swiss? What have the Swiss ever done?

    4. Advertising. Umm yes that old chestnut. I think we are plenty rude about folks who advertise and folks who don’t

    5. Insults. Yes we like insults especially the Swiss, lazy Australian PR, those with over hyped product, those with no sense of humour oh! and FAT people so Spinetix win hands down on that score!

  5. Solomon Grunda Says:

    I recall the old adage concerning the Swiss folk: so boring they would get a job cleaning the ‘poo’ out of cuckoo clocks!

    Musing on the same topics: Spine tics??? Making me distinctly nervous.

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