The @CRIExperiences

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have been unofficially told that three former CRI engineers have somehow all managed to join the Diversified Media Group .

The trio are, we believe, former engineering manager David Ruvolo, engineer Shawn Thul and engineer Mike O’Neill.

These guys, and we quote, “once made CRI what it once was“.

I’m sure that CRI have some engineers left somewhere (someone will no doubt tell us) but it seems like these three at least are all now with the Kenilworth, NJ based Diversified Media Group.

2 Responses to “The @CRIExperiences”

  1. Mr Big Says:

    It may just be rumor but I hear they have a former engineer running the office and a former content scheduler as their only engineer. they are probably outsourcing the real engineering.

  2. Mr big is right Says:

    Unfortunately that company isn’t what it used to be. Constant layoffs, upset client after client. I’m not saying it is because these guys left but Diversified Media Group was smart to pick them up before someone else did. it will only add more value and capabilities to their team. As for CRI you know the saying. Hope for the best but expect the worst. I hope for the sake of the employees they pull through.

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