The Best Sunlight Readable Screen Ever

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you are trying to develop a sunlight readable screen stop now. If you are selling a sunlight readable screen then scrap it and go find something else to sell…

If however you are looking for a sunglight readable screen – one that ACTUALLY works then go speak to YESCO because the one we saw a few weeks ago in their factory in Las Vegas is seriously lumens ahead of anything else we have ever seen.

The top picture probably does not do the product justice but trust us (and Dave Haynes who saw it as well), this one actually works!

YESCO’s Suncutter consists of an LCD screen which is LED back lit.

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  1. Larry Blaney Says:


    As you know, Yesco is one of the largest sign companies in the US, however, as far as I know, they don’t build their own outdoor displays. SunCutter has been around for years with great prototypes and samples, but unable to mass produce due to power and heat issues. They were working with a company ooutside Atlanta to solve the problems. Did YESCO purchase the IP and manufacturing?

  2. Dikran Tawitian Says:

    Wow… Adrian, dont you think this is a tad too strong statement for such image. Yes, images of outdoor LCDs are not doing justice to those, but i would expect much better perfomance to agree with you.

    I would say there are other providers of HB LED better than what you are showing here and one of them would be Dynascan.

    Of course, if you really want to use these and make them work as they should, you need to have good host. But this is another story.

  3. Scott Anthony Says:

    I have checked these guys out and they provide a very strong contender for DOOH sunlight readable, however running on par if not better is imotion sunlight readable LCS’s based in Slovenia. I visited these guys 18 months ago and I can confirm with certainty that these guys were first to market with a sunlight readable that actually works in ibiza strong sunlight. I tested it and it worked brilliantly.

  4. Damion Says:

    Interesting – i believe i saw a video on youtube with a very similiar solution a few months back at TIME WARNER CABLE STORE using displays from PRIMEVIEW. Any idea how the displays compare?

  5. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    Larry, YESCO definitely designed and manufactured this one!!

  6. Troy Dodson Says:

    Hi Larry,
    Some of what you wrote is close to correct. Suncutter did manufacture outdoor LCD displays and has been doing so since 2005. This was so much more of a niche market then and the LCD cost at that time were so high that the product was price prohibitive. So Suncutter manufactured to order and as you stated never massed produced. But this was not because of heat issues. The power was not too bad either but an LED back light is of course better. Suncutter did work with a company North of Atlanta but that was for a project for some fast food restaurants. The company North of Atlanta was never involved in or asked to help with the technology. In fact not all the technology was shared with this company as it became obvious that their intent was not to do business as a partnership at all, so Suncutter parted ways and left this company with only a portion of the knowledge required for a successful product. The North of Atlanta company soldiered on but never solved the issues required for a successful product. Suncutter merged with YESCO. When given the opportunity to become a part of YESCO of course Suncutter jumped at the chance for the reasons you stated and many many more.

  7. former yesco employee Says:

    The sun cutter was a joke. I worked at yesco for many years. They took a samsung LCD TV and took it apart. Put massive amounts of LEDs behind it and added fans. It was crap and cost prohibitive. They would overheat and fail all the time. They eventually left that market. It was a complete failure. Yesco would always try these weir niches hoping to have some sort of breakthrough. They tried large LED or led billboard displays. They got cheap and used cheaper plastic for the led panels. They ended up failing. 20 million dollar displays were failing and had to be replaced. Lucky for them, Samsung bought that pat of the failing business.

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