The DPAA Marshall Plan

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

With the one change that we know about and rumours of others on OVAB Europe’s board it’s probably not surprising that the name of the association itself is again being discussed by the board, its advisors and members alike.

Sponsored logos from industry association?

The DPAA(formerly OVAB itself of course) has long been pressurising OVAB Europe to follow suit and change name.

A source close to the negotiations told us that internally the DPAA was calling this the ‘Marshall Plan‘ and whilst exact details of the licensing deal between the two associations is not fully known one thing is clear – that any name change will likely involve more fees payable from Europe to North America not less.

One suggestion in the Marshall Plan is that the association that can raise the most money in sponsorship gets first dibs on the name, and OVAB Europe we believe, has been mulling over the idea of becoming the Outdoor or Out of home VUKUNET Advertising Bureau whereas the DPAA has considered becoming the Digital Place Based Ayuda Association.

Few involved in this process wanted to go on record but BroadSign’s CEO Brian Dusho was keen to speak out. He told us “If the DPAA is serious about raising as much money as possible from sponsorship it needs to tell us what happened to the initial letter ‘B’ when they came up with that acronym”.

Brian explained “the Digital Place Based Advertising Association should surely have been the DPBA and not the DPAA. If the DPAA board pass a resolution, re-instate the initial letter ‘B’ and come up with a proper acronym then I am happy for BroadSign to sponsor the association”

With BroadSign sponsorship then, the DPAA would become the Digital Place BroadSign Association or perhaps BroadSign (with their strength in Europe) could side with OVAB?

The possibility of a global association being called Out of home Video Advertising with BroadSign is surely a PR man’s dream.

BroadSign spokesman Nurlan Urazbaev told us “Они не рекламируют для убийц в газете. Это было моей профессией. Экс-полицейский. Экс-Бегущий по лезвию бритвы. Экс-убийца”

Either way the industry looks like it’s in for a big fight and the DPAA chain of command (Mike, Sue and Francois Too!) has got a lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks if it wants to win the battle for the name of a truly global association.

Our cashflow, severely depleted these past few weeks with visits to the High Court to deal with SuperLargeUnhappyCorp, means we are unable to throw our hat into the ring BUT we have mocked up a logo to show what sponsorship from us would have entailed.

4 Responses to “The DPAA Marshall Plan”

  1. Ken Goldberg Says:

    Somehow, I envision an Intel marketing drone drawing up plans for DPAVA and OAVAB before realizing what day it is.

  2. Madalyn Roker Says:

    I was just imagining all the DPAA members wearing orange shirts and then remembered the date….

  3. Daniel Parisien Says:

    Hilarious 🙂

  4. Nurlan Urazbaev Says:

    “Дело в том, леди и джентльмены, что жадность, за неимением лучшего слова, это хорошо. Жадность права, работы жадности. Жадность разъясняет, прорезает и отражает суть эволюционного духа. Жадность, во всех его формах, жажда жизни, денег, любви, знаний отмечен всплеск вверх человечества “.

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