Zoom Media Gets Measured In Canada

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Zoom Media has joined Captivate Network as the first digital out-of-home/digital place-based media companies in Canada to be measured by Nielsen in the way that some 25 different US networks are now measured as participants in the 4th Screen report.

While Captivate has kept relatively low-key about its Canadian participation, Zoom is taking a leadership role, having seen the value of Nielsen measurement on revenues across the industry for those US networks measured.

Paul Lindstrom, senior vice-president, Nielsen On Location Media, tells us that, within a year of being able to supply Nielsen metrics to their agencies and advertisers, the individual US networks his company measures have been able to claim between 40% and 140% increases in their revenue.

Nielsen’s audience measurement is a combination of both transactional information and custom information of such data as dwell time, where the content was seen, and other specifics.

“Certainly it’s important to look at CPMs when you are selling against TV, but you need other data to show the value of your medium if you are going to correctly monetize it,” says Lindstrom. “A company like Zoom can talk about its audience, but when it has solid data to back up its claims, its products’ value, then agencies will find it easier to use that information to target its clients’ messages when planning a campaign, and Zoom will find it easier to monetize its audience.”

Lindstrom says that it’s important to create a value proposition for the industry as a whole, and he sees Zoom and Captivate as leading the charge in Canada with their Nielsen data.

“This allows negotiation, accountability, and a way to show a currency for buying,” he says.

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