James Abdool, EnQii’s new EMEA President

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

James AbdoolThe difference between good companies and great companies is very often their people. If Microsoft and Google for example, see a great interview candidate or know of an exceptional talent that comes on the market they grab them with both hands – even sometimes if they don’t know what role (yet) that person will play for them in the organisation.

The key is to grab and retain the best people possible (sometimes also not to let good people go to your competition of course) and so it is with EnQii’s appointment of a new EMEA President.

A few weeks ago we were the first to announce that James Abdool was to join EnQii – we now have the official press release as below…

EnQii strengthens senior team with appointment of new EMEA President

EnQii, the leading provider of digital out-of-home solutions has announced that James Abdool will be joining the company as President EMEA. James joins EnQii after completing the sale of digital out-of-home audio business TSC Music Systems.

This new appointment follows the recent launch of EnQii’s complete digital-out-of-home offering. Backed by $10 million equity funding, EnQii offers clients a full range of services from strategic development, technology design and deployment, content creation and delivery, together with ongoing performance measurement and reporting.

As President EMEA, James will be responsible for the company’s continued growth and expansion, working with EnQii’s EMEA client base on digital marketing strategies, and leading sales and marketing activity.

At TSC Music Systems, James worked with clients in the retail, leisure and hospitality markets to extend their in-store marketing solutions and drive sales through added-value models. He also managed the company’s global expansion, achieving rollouts in 17 countries within 2 years. As well as driving sales and marketing activity, James was involved in software development, licensing arrangements and most recently he managed the company sale process to an industry Plc.

“This is significant time for the digital out-of-home media industry, and EnQii’s complete offering stands out in a fast-growing and crowded market” commented James Abdool. “I’m delighted to be joining a company with market-leading credentials, and look forward to working with the teams across EMEA to drive future growth and development.”

The press release doesn’t really tell the whole story though (how could it?) – James built up a very successful retail music business and sold it to Imagesound for cash.

The success of TSC Music Systems was very much down to James – whilst Imagesound bought the company for its monthly music revenues and its customer base it was foolish to let such good management talent that came with the acquisition go to waste.

Bottom line; Imagesound’s loss is EnQii’s gain.

EnQii have been recruiting heavily these past few months and a lot of talent is moving into their organisation (Brian Boakes, previously at BT Broadcast Services and now Head of Strategy at EnQii is one of these folks but he would be too modest to say so AND there are a couple of other prominent recruits that I will be reporting on in the New Year).

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    Hi I was surprised to hear about TSC, but wanted to wish you luck in your new venture.. Nice pic! Very Smiley.

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