Ryarc again, this time with Fitness First

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ryarc Fitness First Australia

A flurry of press releases have crossed our desk in the last 24 hours announcing new network wins – two for US networks (which we won’t post since we don’t cover but we do appreciate the ‘heads up’ so keep them coming), one of these was from Broadsign and the other from Planar (the TellerTV blog will cover this latter one which tells you it is banking related) and two from Ryarc Media Systems.

One of the Ryarc releases was about the Permanent TSB Bank deployment in Ireland that we reported on a few weeks back here (and saw with our own eyes in Dublin last Thursday also) and the other release was about a new network (press release attached).

It’s for Fitness First in Australia, 75 gyms in total, the first 45 are being deployed now. Looks like a standard gym network with music, video, club messages etc. No pictures (yet) unfortunately but looks like another good win for Ryarc Media Systems

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