Harrods earns extra UK PDS 1.5 million annually….

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

…from its Digital Signage network!!!

I am sure for Harrods this is a ‘piss’ in the ocean but interesting to see that Guy Cheston from Harrods gave this figure in a presentation to participants in this year’s Westfield World Retail Study Tour.

Guy said “We’re now generating over 1.5 million pounds in advertising income and we’ve had a total of 500 different advertisers who’ve used our system.”

The full article about his presentation can be found here on the Australian Inside Retailing web site, and it is well worth a read. It’s a good insight to the network itself, how it was thought through etc etc.

It’s powered by remote media of course so Jason Cremins, chairman of POPAIDigital will be delighted with the PR around this.

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