Ken Mallon Takes Global Leadership Role with Ipsos ASI|digital

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Ken Mallon, recently vice-president and head of Yahoo! AdLabs, is joining Ipsos as global president of Ipsos ASI|digital, Ipsos’ practice focused on advertising research in digital and social spaces.

“Ipsos ASI|digital partners with clients to pursue best practices that leverage the power of digital and social spaces, and how to integrate them with the overall creative process, maximizing the effect of their communication,” says Alex Gronberger, global CEO for Ipsos ASI. “With Ken Mallon’s extensive and cutting edge experience at Yahoo!, he has proven himself as an innovator and a leader in the digital world. He will no doubt use that knowledge to help us build a digital research practice that helps our clients uncover greater insights that drive better results.”

As global president of Ipsos ASI|digital, Mallon will lead a worldwide team dedicated to developing the practice, offer, and processes throughout the world.

Mallon has extensive experience in research,. After a 10-year career as a health and biotech scientist, he joined Yahoo! in 2000 to help start its data mining group. His team helped develop the first behavioral targeting system, data-based research and analytic products, primary research capabilities, inventory forecasting systems, and the first scalable closed-loop targeting and measurement system, Y! Consumer Direct, through a partnership with Nielsen.

In 2004, Ken joined the executive management team at Dynamic Logic leading product development and later, following Millward Brown’s acquisition of Dynamic Logic, he led digital solutions and consulting for both Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic clients, globally. After six years, he returned to Yahoo! in 2010 to start Yahoo! AdLabs, a global ad product innovation and ad testing group.

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