What’s The @gilbarcoinc + @OutcastMedia Fallout?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

So, when the Gilbarco Veeder Root acquisition of Outcast Media is finally announced who in our industry will be the winners and losers?

  • First of all we believe that this acquisition will be a significant blow to Starmount and any future business they were counting on to provide at-the-pump forecourt interactive services and digital signage. Starmount had a seemingly good plan for the sector but their services fees were allegedly rather astronomical. Current Starmount CEO Joe Halloum came from Gilbarco some four and half years ago so he knows the sector and the right people
  • Outcast were seemingly yet another ad based network that was unhappy with what Scala could offer and there were strong rumours that they were about to announce that they had switched to BroadSign. Even though the tech people at Gilbarco Veeder Root have been shouting at the top of their voice to anyone that would listen that they had their own software solution we still believe that Outcast will announce that they have switched to BroadSign sometime soon
  • By all accounts Health Club Media Network (who as we said earlier this week, will now be spun back off into a separate business) still run X2O Media (an account that X2O won back in June 2009). The X2O solution is hardly well versed in ad management so there’s an opportunity surely for an Ayuda Media Systems or BroadSign to win this business as well.

Mind you, we are getting ahead of ourselves. We are still waiting for comment from Matthew Stoudt and his new friends at Gilbarco Veeder Root on the deal itself!

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