DOOH Insights, #DSInvestor And More

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Okay so we still have a vacation to finish but come Monday September 3rd (the team’s first full day back in the office) we will need to hit the ground running as there is an awful lot to get through before Christmas!

We have an ISBN number now for DOOH Insights: 2008 to 2012 and thanks to a dozen or so advertisers we will be publishing an almost 300 page B5 book.

We still have an awful lot of preparation to do for #DSInvestor which on 3rd September will only be six weeks away (though it’s Mr Steve Nesbit who has already been doing the bulk of the work in prepping the speakers). Our NA editor Gail Chiasson will as usual be profiling the speakers and their topics leading up to the event.

Immediately we are back from New York we will be heading out to Bilbao for a client event and come November we’ll be attending the Monaco Media Forum – an event described as bringing together leaders of new and traditional media for two and a half days of high-level discussions about the future of online, broadcast and print communications – aggressively global in outlook, the invitation-only gathering focuses on emerging opportunities in media technology, distribution and content, with special emphasis on advertising, marketing and finance.

We can’t wait!

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