Stan Woodward Back At @ReflectSystems

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Looks like one time CEO and Chairman, Reflect Systems, Inc. (now simply called Reflect of course) Stan Woodward is back (perhaps as a ‘founder’ of the business he never left but who knows?).

According to LinkedIn he has been back (quietly) since February 2012 taking on the role of eVP Business Development at Reflect Systems (Stan seems to have forgotten the name change on his LinkedIn update!).

He’s responsible (so it says) for retail-technology partnerships, retail digital deployment strategies, and managed services THOUGH as usual we think there’s more to it than that!

In our humble opinion Stan stepping back into the fold is definitely a step in the wrong direction for the business AND we wouldn’t be surprised to see current incumbent CEO Bill Warren step down shortly having failed to turn the business round during his short tenure in charge.

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