Is This The Best @ClearChannelUK Can Do?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Why Did It Take Three Years?” we asked back in August 2011 and “why is it still so awful?” we ask now …

What’s wrong with their Socialite network apart from awful screens (which stand out for all the wrong reasons), plugs everywhere, generally poor positioning – need we say more?

If Clear Channel cannot do any better than this in UK pubs / clubs / bars, then surely they should not bother.

2 Responses to “Is This The Best @ClearChannelUK Can Do?”

  1. Steve Gibbon Says:

    Finally someone who can speak the truth without the threat of there tap being turned off!! May all media site editors grow balls like Cotterills!!!

  2. Stuart Chambers Says:

    Adrian I agree it is a poor execution, can`t understand either why they bothered!

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