Retail Business Show Cancelled

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The UK Retail Business Show scheduled for 28th and 29th January has been cancelled.

It looks like 2009 is going to be a tough year for the show circuit and so, just like on the High Street, those in retail (and show organisers) that innovate, offer something different, think out of the box, add REAL value etc etc will survive and do well.

Numbers attending NRF this year were WAY OFF previous years – something like 17,000 people through the door we believe (and 8,000 of those were vendors!!!)

ISE in a few weeks time will of course weather the storm well, it is so well-established and quite diverse in its audience. We are really looking forward to starting our ‘event / conference’ travels in Amsterdam followed only a few weeks later of course with DSE in Vegas.

Two of our contributors (plus me) will be attending ISE and the same at DSE.

Screen Media Expo Europe is doing well – scheduled of course for April 2009. We believe that 70 folks have confirmed stands to date and the target is not much more than that to fill the hall. This is truly a European event and you would be mad to miss out (either as an exhibitor or visitor).

This year we have taken a stand (likely to become ‘The DailyDOOH Lounge”) as we are determined to spend time on the show floor and NOT camped out in back to back 1:1s in the press lounge !!!!

At least half a dozen of our contributors from around the world are likely to be present so it should be a great opportunity for you to catch up with us face to face. Anyway more on The DailyDOOH Lounge come February!!

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