Exclusive – UK Digital OOH Ad Revenues

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy of Posterscope we can bring you an exclusive first look at their latest Digital OOH Ad Revenue forecasts for the UK.

UK Digital OOH Ad Revenues


James Davies, Board Director at Hyperspace told us yesterday “The industry saw an enormous increase in digital OOH ad spend in 2008. The massive investment by media owners in terms of inventory has made a huge difference in terms of the appeal of the sector”

DOOH ad revenue in 2008 was UK PDS 72 million – that’s an increase year on year of 96% !!!

The prediction for 2009 is a spend of UK PDS 93 million.

In terms of research Posterscope seem to have made significant strides in furthering their understanding of exactly when and how digital OOH should be used.

James added “We have now asked UK consumers over 296,000 questions relating specifically to digital (and even more globally), providing us with hundreds of insights that support our recommendations to advertisers”

Posterscope’s marketing initiatives such as electric-avenue.com, screengallery.co.uk and their Creative Optimisation Guide, which we covered back in November 2008 have also proved incredibly successful.

Feel free to use the graphic in your presentations, reports and research BUT please ensure that you credit Posterscope / Hyperspace when doing so.

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