Danielle Klein In 7 Heaven Media

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Any of the 100 or so executives who sat at our Digital Signage Investor Conference and listened to the excellent presentation by RMG Networks’ Garry McGuire will know what a good vertical transportation can be – especially in business lounges.

Headquartered in Europe, we already have ADLUX, an exclusive media owner of digital platforms in premium and luxury sectors (we especially like their tag line ‘broadcasting luxury’) – their worldwide digital signage network is based around private jet terminals, private clinics and other high-end prominent locations.

Now we see, 7 Heaven Media, a new media sales company set up by former CBS Outdoor executive Danielle Klein – it’s headquartered in London, with offices in Paris, Geneva and Shanghai and currently assembling an international team of experts.

7 Heaven Media is pitched first and foremost, as a media sales company and will present clients with, we quote the press release, “unique global media platforms”.

The first of these being a network of 250 digital screens in 165 private jet terminals across EMEA – which is (wait for it), none other than ADLUX!

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