Vodafone Fridge And Goo The Egg Go To The Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

JCDecaux Airport is launching an Innovate division in the UK which is, we are told, dedicated to challenging the conventions of Outdoor advertising at airports!!!

True to form one of the launch campaigns is the Cadbury Crème Egg Goo The Egg creative running on an interactive 6-sheet poster site at Gatwick South.

JCDecaux Airport Innovate will be managed by Nicola Greene, in addition to her role as Head of JCDecaux Airport’s experiential division, Sphere.

Nicola Greene, Head of Sphere (and the new division) told us ”With long dwell times and upmarket, early-adopter audiences, airports are an ideal environment for Innovate campaigns. We are seeing increasing demand from clients to do things differently a great example being the Vodafone fridge we created on the front of the Heathrow Terminal 1 building. With a dedicated Innovate team in place we will able to develop unusual outdoor campaigns that will enhance any media plan.”

The new division will aim to use a range of 3D special builds, new printing techniques, new technology and digital screens to bring marketing briefs (spectacularly) to life.

One of the exciting new products that will be launched by JCDecaux Airport Innovate is ‘Projections’ – when a passenger walks past the advertising screen, a motion sensor and webcam will transform the image displayed. Examples of effects could include fish swimming around the ‘shadow’ of the passenger or the image swirling as the passenger moves.

Some of the other ideas that JCDecaux have are: –

  • 6-sheet products that will include ‘6 Scents’, which allow passengers to smell a fragrance via a push button spray on the ad panel
  • ‘Opinionators’ with touch-sensitive panels for voting
  • ‘Dispensers’ which provide customers with real samples at the touch of a button.
  • ‘Electrolights’ where an electrical charge passes through the creative lighting up parts of the printed poster
  • ‘Spangleys’ – sparkling discs attached to posters

Long dwell times at airports of course make interactive campaigns particularly appropriate and we have seen many good examples of innovation globally in this sector already.

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