BlueFox B.V. Sets Up In Utrecht

Maddie Cotterill

Utrecht, the fourth largest city of the Netherlands, is now also home to BlueFox B.V., a 100% daughter company of BlueFox in France.

Guillaume de La Tour, president and chairman of BlueFox and BlueFox B.V. told us “The Netherlands has a strong, internationally focused economy and business community and offer a favorite climate for R&D activities. And this is exactly the environment that we were looking for”.

We understand that BlueFox B.V. will focus on two main activities:-

  1. Develop the European and International markets from a sales perspective.
  2. Be the BlueFox innovation lab

Guillaume added “BlueFox is steadily growing … the objective to deliver the most compelling and effective content to its client’s screens”.

New developments, like the BlueFox webshop will officially be launched at #ISE2013 are aimed at making it easy for all kind of digital networks to access high quality content at an affordable price (and with the integration of new technologies such as the automatic image cropping, BlueFox is continuously innovating the market).

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