Ahmad Ouri Comments on Rumour

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Ahmad Ouri, president and CEO, IZ-ON Media, says that both Sam’s Club and BJs are still being sold by IZ-ON Media, despite any rumours.

While Ouri says that IZ-ON does not comment on when contracts are up for renewal, we are speculating that perhaps one or both of these contracts may be at that stage, which could have spiked the rumours.

“Rumours like this upset our staff and sales people,” says Ouri.

Understandably, but we will be keeping watch.

3 Responses to “Ahmad Ouri Comments on Rumour”

  1. Jo Fritzl Says:

    Ahmad needs urgent media training or a PR consultancy. The answer he gave to Daily Dooh wasn’t positive or helpful. Can Adrian assist him?

  2. Veteran Says:


  3. A Veteran Says:

    Choice words – yes they are still “selling” Sam’s Club, but I heard that Woven won the content and ops business.

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