Digital Taxi TV, Warszawa

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

M.A.S.C’D GROUP POLSKA; a digital In-Taxi Media group in Warsaw, Poland is set to launch a new Digital Taxi TV station. The company, which has secured 4 year contracts with 70% of the Taxi companies in Warsaw has commenced installations and is planning to roll out the service in 5,000 city cabs within 3 years.

Taxi TV Poland is the first network of its kind in Poland, and the technology being deployed by Wallflower Global is geared at automating the entire
advertising process for clients from concept through all aspects of the campaign…

… clients and businesses og onto the Web Portal, upload their ads, if required, choose the number of vehicles they want, and the subsequent number of potential viewers, choose a campaign start date and the ad campaign is then automatically scheduled on the Taxis.

Arc. Caesar Oti, founder and Chief Executive at M.A.S.C’D GROUP LTD, UK, the parent company of Polish subsidiary, M.A.S.C’D GROUP POLSKA. told us “Our ambitious plans and goals of building this Network, and expanding to the rest of Central and Eastern Europe is going to revolutionize the way out of home advertising is done throughout Europe.”

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