Looks Like @FWiDigitalSigns Wins BoA

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Very hard to believe and we figure that TPN (the agency of record) and Diversified Media (the installer) will very soon be pulling their hair out but word on the street is that Four Winds Interactive (that’s right the corporate hospitality and Casino specialist) has won the Bank of America RFP.

They certainly wouldn’t be our choice for a retail banking contract so maybe it’s good for them that John Ryan himself insisted that we were pulled off the project to help in the RFP selection process.

FWi have absolutely no banking credentials and that surely should be part of the selection criteria?

3 Responses to “Looks Like @FWiDigitalSigns Wins BoA”

  1. Marketing Maven Says:

    Perhaps these enterprises will go bankrupt as all of their predecessors have done. Yes, all other BofA Digital Signage vendors have ceased to exist.

  2. Marketing Maven Says:

    It looks like FWi is already choking on the deal. BofA has extended their contract with BI because FWi and Div don’t have the juice to complete the project in a timely fashion:


  3. E.R. Murrow Says:

    Did B0fA do the selection themselves, or did they have outside assistance?

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