#ISE2013 What Were The Highlights?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We keep being asked but it’s hard to say what the highlight of #ISE2013 were. It was a great event and at times when you walked the halls you felt as though you were at #CES but there wasn’t anything particularly new or exciting on show though.

The three things we liked best were the Microtiles fashion selector, Bluefox’s Cropping Technology (and online store) and of course our very own project for NEC Display Solutions, die Pixel-Maschine – the first two of which we will explore in more detail over the next couple of days.

Then there were the weird announcements; ComQi / Kramer, Samsung / Scala / Signagelive (and anything else beginning with the letter S…) and the AOpen Openservice new business – again which we will cover later this week.

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