Natalie Egleston Dies At Aspen

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We were sad to hear of the death of Natalie Egleston this week on the slopes of Aspen Mountain, Colorado, where she had been skiing and apparently collided with another skier.

Natalie EglestonEgleston was very well-known and much loved in the industry. She rose to the position of chief strategy officer at Premier Retail Networks (now IZON Media), and was recently named president of their Indoor Direct JV Services.

Originally from Philadelphia, Egleston recently moved back to the area after spending time in San Francisco.

Industry friends have been telling us that at PRN, “Natalie was one of the really good ones.” She had 24 years of experience in the industry.

Ahmad Ouri, president and CEO of IZON Media told us “It is with great sadness and shock that we learned of the passing. She died yesterday following a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado. Tragic news, for sure, but some consolation can be found in the knowledge that she was doing something she absolutely loved to do with people she loved so much. She leaves behind a lot of friends at IZ-ON Media.

“She was recently appointed the president of our indoorDIRECT joint venture. We have limited information at this point.”

Egleston was skiing at Aspen with friends when the accident took place. Her death is officially the third on slopes this 2012-2013 season. Another four people whose deaths are not recorded were skiing out of bounds or in other areas, so are not on the ‘official’ list.

We’ll update this post with new information as it becomes available. In the meantime, we send our sincere condolences to Egleston’s friends, family and loved ones.

5 Responses to “Natalie Egleston Dies At Aspen”

  1. Mike DiFranza Says:

    It is so sad to learn of Natalie’s death. Our industry has lost one of it’s most passionate proponents. Her imprint on our industry was far reaching and we all owe her a great deal of gratitude for the contibution she made to our industry. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, friends and her past and current colleagues at IZON.

  2. Tom Fosgard Says:

    She will be missed so much.

  3. David Goldstein Says:

    I was/am blessed to have had the opportunity to know and work with Natalie while at PRN. Her insights on the industry and the passion to achieve success, along with her openess to new ideas, made her a great leader. Here laughter, compassion and smile, made her a great friend. I am sad to learn of Natalie’s passing.

  4. Brett Byers Says:

    Natalie was indeed one of the good ones. Natalie not only achieved much in industry (I saw her work as a VC), but touched the lives of many, including me, as a very good friend. I miss, and will miss, her very much.

  5. Chuck Billups Says:

    I worked for and with Natalie for a number of years. She was a great friend, a mentor – someone who challenged me to grow personally and professionally. She was a rare person – full of passion, enthusiasm, drive. She cared so much about her work, her life, her friends. I was so lucky to know her. I spoke with her often. Recently we talked for an hour about everything going on. When I got off the phone, I thought about lucky I was to have her as friend. Professionally she made a bigger impact in this industry that few really know. Natalie did not seek the industry spotlight – making real things and deals happen was her expertise. She was best when confronted with a challenge – enormous or small – and coming up with great ideas to overcome. I along with so many other people will miss her so much. I feel selfish in my grief because she was such a force in so many lives. I know we all have a hole that is very hard to make sense of and will last an immeasurable time.

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