Mark Boidman To Leave Barclays

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We hear that nice guy Mark Boidman is set to leave Barclays in a few weeks time. Barclays, with all the noise surrounding them, are no doubt focussing on bigger deals these days than our industry (or even the OOH industry) can give them.

Mark has been a strong proponent of our sector, been involved (usually well behind the scenes) in some of the big industry deals and has spoken intelligently at our Investor Conference a number of times.

He is also responsible of course for The Barclays Out-of-Home Market Update, a semimonthly newsletter containing a summary of recent out-of-home market activity, that we know a lot of our readers subscribe to.

Mark tells us he might still be attending #dse2013 in a few weeks time, if he does, he owes us several Gin & Tonics for being so nice to him – but seriously, where he ends up next it’s likely he will be able to spend more time on our sector, for the good of all.

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