@OceanOutdoorUK’s Real Live Pig Feed

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last year’s runner up in Ocean Outdoor’s The Art of Outdoor Digital Competition has made it from concept to the big screen so to speak, as last week saw a REAL world’s first, err a real live pig feed at Eat Street, London.

Ocean_Farming 470

The campaign, created by the marketing agency Elvis sees a group of Tamworth pigs on the organic Wren Davis farm in Great Missenden, Bucks, take a starring role in the live, interactive broadcast, which invites shoppers at London’s Westfield Centre to feed the animals in return for a small charity donation.

The pig feed takes place twice a day from May 14 to May 19 at 10am and 2pm.


Shoppers are invited to feed the pigs by texting a number for GBP 1. They are then sent a unique weblink, which connects them to an online broadcast and an accelerometer to operate a machine that scatters apples for the pigs.

The actual feeding machine was designed and built by members of the engineering department at London South Bank University.

Once fed, a personalised message of thanks appears on the Eat Street digital billboard, together with a phone prompt asking people to make a monthly donation to Compassion in World Farming.

Emma Slawinski, Head of Campaigns and Advocacy at Compassion in World Farming, told us “This live feed event is a ‘first’ not just for Compassion, but for any charity and we feel privileged to be included in Elvis’ interactive concept.

“Sadly, 90% of pigs in the EU, are reared on factory farms. We ask Westfield shoppers to support free-range farming by taking part in the live feed event where they will see, first-hand that pigs are intelligent, curious and sentient beings and deserve to be reared with the freedom to move and run around.”

To build momentum and support, the pig feed is being trailed on other outdoor screens on the approaches to London Westfield.

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