Speaker Sessions Not to Miss at Screen Expo Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have picked out for you some of the speaker sessions that we think will be the most interesting at Screen Expo Europe. There are a lot of familiar faces in the speaker line up (we do hope that they will all have something new to say) but anyway, here’s our take on who not to miss…

In the Content Centre we recommend: –

Olivier Debin, CEO, Dagobert: Ten rules of content

Olivier speaks good English and has a great perspective on content creation. We first published his “Ten Rules of Content” last year. What is great is that he is so willing to share his secrets. If you want to see some great content and learn how it is done – don’t miss this!

Julian Treasure, chairman, The Sound Agency: Screens and sounds

Julian is truly a good speaker (as those of you who may have been lucky enough to hear him speak at the Nov 2007 Screen Forum Audio Networking Forum will testify). He has a lot of stuff to say about sound and he is a must listen to.

In the Advertising Centre we recommend: –

Guy Kewney, columnist, Screen Media Magazine: I have seen the future of advertising and…

Guy might remember me from my time at Intel – Guy was one of the most prominent journalists at the time and had an eye for detail, a way to ask questions and always got a good story. Well worth listening to.

In the Network Owner’s Pavilion we recommend: –

Richard Malton, UK marketing director, JCDecaux Airport: Heathrow and beyond
Over 80% of JCDecaux’s poster sites at Terminal 5 are going to be digital. We haven’t heard Richard speak before but we can vouch for the interest in the subject matter. Ask him about Samsung and the deals which may have been struck direct.

Gerry McKenna, managing director, MDM.TV: Audience measurement: is anyone watching?
If you want to hear the truth about Audience Measurement, why it is important, how to do it, listen to this guy (even though he is a Man Utd fan). MDM.TV are successful with advertisers because of the work they put in with research.

In the Thought Leadership Pavilion we recommend: –

Oliver Schwede, co-founder, innoea consulting: Waiting in the wings: the German digital signage market
As we predict that Germany will be the biggest market for Digital Signage and Digital Out of Home this will be an incredibly interesting session. Oliver and his team in Munich know their local market so well.

Ajay Chowdhury, CEO, EnQii: Seven reasons why digital out-of-home should be banned
Ajay is one of the private equity / Internet / Web 2.0 stalwarts who has joined us in Digital Out of Home. This is a rare chance to hear an incredibly experienced ‘outsider’ give us his views in the industry. Speaks little but always worth listening to.

Note: We haven’t put times on the suggested sessions in case they change – check your own speaker schedule before and during the show – at the moment only 2 of our recommended sessions clash (sorry).

The Screen Expo Europe speaker sessions are split into four areas / sections: –

  • Theatre A: The Content Centre
  • Theatre B: The Advertising Centre
  • Network Owners’ Pavilion
  • Thought Leadership Pavilion


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