ComQi Shuffles Its Deckchairs (Once Again)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” .. funny isn’t it, how much crowing, bitching and moaning a company can make when you get the news correct but they don’t want to hear it.

It only took ComQi six months to announce that Ajay was never really executive chairman is now part of that wonderful institution in the sky called the ‘ComQi advisory board‘ – previous members of this illustrious board have included ex-President’s Ronni Guggenheim (released by the company) and James Abdool (resigned).

The press release tells us everything and nothing; ComQi is THE leading technology provider for advanced Shopper Engagement Technology (yeah, go figure that one), Ajay Chowdhury, ComQi’s current Executive Chairman, will step down and join ComQi’s advisory board and Rob Keve, founder of the Fizzback Group, becomes the new Executive Chairman.

Rob was the founder of The Fizzback Group, a technology provider for real-time customer feedback and customer experience management in the retail space and he has held several executive positions for NICE Group, 3K Digital, Tufton Capital and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

ShIfti Ifhar, CEO of ComQi needs to focus on getting some business under ComQi’s belt before all the investors bail or there will be nothing for Rob to oversee!

The Fizzback Group was actually acquired by NICE Systems for $80M in September 2011

2 Responses to “ComQi Shuffles Its Deckchairs (Once Again)”

  1. Adndrea LeVot Says:

    Is the new CEO really named “Shify”? Or is that a joke?

  2. Should I even begin? Says:

    These behemoths, led by people who understand ZILCH about technology have only served the needs of their investors, folks.
    False pretenses upon false pretenses, self-awarding pompous institutions that are so disconnected with the needs of customers… They are holding this industry back along with the usual suspects (you know who they are)… The good news is: they are going the way of the dinausors fast! Talk about “market correction!”

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