Clear Channel Outdoor Goes Organic At Chicago’s O’Hare

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Chicago Department of Aviation in partnership with Clear Channel Airports, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc., unveiled a new Green Education Kiosk at O’Hare International Airport as part of an overall move to make all displays – digital and otherwise – at the busy airport more ‘green’.

Green Kiosk ribbon cutting ceremony

Green Kiosk ribbon cutting ceremony

Constructed using sustainable materials and incorporating a biophilic design, or nature-inspired architecture, the Fly Green Chicago exhibit is a one of a kind eco-friendly centralized hub for displaying the CDA’s industry-leading environmentally green airport initiatives.

(We have to admit that one of the photos with this article immediately reminded us of something shown by one of the speakers last week at #TOIgnite last week in Toronto – across the ocean if we remember correctly – but this is quite different. Ed.)

“On behalf of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, we are proud to feature this new permanent exhibit which showcases our industry-leading sustainability initiatives, past, present and future, at O’Hare and Midway International Airports,” says Rosemarie Andolino, CDA Commissioner. “The exhibit will help educate O’Hare travelers and employees about the merits of going green by highlighting our efforts at Chicago’s airports to conserve energy, reduce waste, protect natural resources and manage land in a sustainable manner. It also offers a comfortable place at the airport for passengers to relax and recharge their electronic devices in between flights.”

Green wall drawing[/caption]Clear Channel Airports used eco-friendly materials to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for sharing all of the CDA’s sustainability accomplishments throughout its airports over the past 10 years. This latest eco-friendly exhibit shares Fly Green Chicago’s evolutionary story in a compelling, engaging and nature-inspired way, welcoming travelers who want to rest, recharge and recycle.

Green wall drawing

Green wall drawing

The new Green Education Kiosk features seven information panels and decorative pylon enclosures that were constructed out of rigid board made from discarded wheat stalks; the benches, equipped with free charging outlets, were constructed from reclaimed walnut salvaged from the floor of the Mississippi River; and the upholstery on the bench pads is 60% bio-based material from sugar cane, a rapidly renewable resource. Materials used in the construction of the kiosk are low VOCs, meaning there are virtually no off-gassing or emissions from the material.

In addition, most of the material and the fabrication of the kiosk elements were sourced from manufacturing partners within a 25-mile radius of O’Hare, further reducing the carbon footprint of this display. Clear Channel Airports also installed all-LED light sources for the kiosk, resulting in an approximate 55% reduction of power consumption in comparison to traditional light sources.

“Clear Channel Outdoor shares O’Hare’s commitment to the environment and continues to embrace ever more eco-friendly practices for lighting and printing while also donating media space to environmental charities around the world,” says Jon Sayer, president, Clear Channel Airports. “We also take pride in our rich history serving the greater Chicagoland area, including the airports, and we’re honored that O’Hare tapped our expertise and dedication to innovative solutions to help enhance their sustainability efforts.”

In addition to the Green Education Kiosk, Clear Channel Airports is working with CDA to enhance the overall sustainability of the digital and print advertising panels displayed around the airport. Existing digital advertising panels will be retrofitted with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED illuminated light sources, delivering an 85% average reduction in energy usage compared to current power draws. The new LED light sources also provide a 400% increased lamp life, thereby lessening the strain on material resources required for new lamping, minimizing the load to Chicago area landfills and reducing the carbon footprint of deliveries and removal of materials.

Long view of the Green Wall

Long view of the Green Wall

And to further extend the sustainable theme within the airport, digital and static displays will include living ‘green walls’ that consist of Heart Leaf Philodendron, Neon Pothos, Silver Satin Pothos and Schumi Peperomia plants.

Further extending the commitment to sustainability, Clear Channel will print static displays on a light-weight tension fabric that is manufactured within a 20-mile radius of O’Hare.

These projects represent the first of a nine-phase program that Clear Channel Airports will be completing with CDA geared toward continuing its airport sustainability leadership.

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