UK’s Outdoor Media Centre Launches Outdoor to the Power of 5

Maddie Cotterill

The UK’s Outdoor Media Centre this week announced the launch of its new value proposition ‘Outdoor to the Power of 5‘.

OMC Outdoor5This is a crystallisation of five specific benefits of the outdoor medium to advertisers. Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre, explained “Effectively we are saying that there are five things we do really well as a medium”

“These benefits work together as a collective to make outdoor advertising a uniquely effective and contemporary medium for advertisers, delivering real impact and sales effectiveness.”

A series of design icons support the five points, and these also appear in a motion graphic which can be found here.

The Power of 5 is a mnemonic to help planners call the outdoor medium’s key advantages to mind.

  1. Young Urban Mobile audience. The people you reach most with Outdoor are the people you most want to reach. Young, urban, affluent, connected and mobile consumers are the ones who see the most outdoor advertising, and also the ones who take most action as a result. They are light TV viewers and a ready-made and highly attractive target audience for a wide range of brands.
  2. The Active Space. Outdoor is the active space, where the senses are heightened and we take more in than when we are inert at home. The consumer is alert, mobile and in buying mode, phone at hand and wallet in pocket. The active space is a step away from a real world purchase and a nudge away from a virtual one. There are a rich variety of environments for targeting mobile audiences by activity, context, proximity and mind-set.
  3. Impressions that Last. The power of visual branding harnesses our most powerful sense, our sight, to leave a memorable visual impact. Outdoor helps brands to make impressions that last longer, not just on the street but in the mind. The best outdoor creative has the capacity to stick with us and can be recreated from memory even years later – think The Economist, Hello Boys, Apple Ipod or Wayne Rooney St George’s cross.
  4. The Amplification Medium. Outdoor works as a catalyst for all other media to give your message greater net reach and branding depth. Outdoor and TV achieve the strongest branding effects and featured most prominently at the Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions. From TGI, we know the outdoor audience confidently influences by word of mouth and social media. More mobile searches are generated by Outdoor ads than other media.
  5. Changing the Landscape. Outdoor is at the heart of change, creating modernity at every turn. It is changing the physical, visible, tangible landscape we live in, transforming the look and fabric of cities. But it’s also changing the media landscape and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things with cutting-edge technology, in the interface where consumers engage personally with brands.

These five benefits of outdoor are to be demonstrated to advertisers and media planners in a series of events to cover the next 12 months. New research and case studies will underpin the proposition.

Outdoor to the Power of 5 has been a collaboration not just between outdoor media owners, via the OMC’s marketing committee, but also participants from among the outdoor specialists, such as David Gordon at Posterscope and Nick Mawditt at Talon Outdoor. It is the first time that the sell side and the buy side have collaborated to forge a new proposition to bring to market.

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  1. grave Says:

    The most key advantage I feel about outdoor advertising is that the ‘ impression that last’. An interactive, rich media ad will create an everlasting impact on the people. It catches customer attention and will leave a memorable impression on them even after the move. I’m a resident of Ontario and used to have billboard advertisements with the help of Wild On Media. The creative billboards easily catches people even it contains short messages.

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