Final #ISE2014 Hashtag Analysis

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Improvements to our sister site allowed us, this year, to delve much more deeply into the twitter around #ISE2014 (as part of our ongoing commitment to help drive the social media impact associated with events around our industry, we will be doing the same in a few days time for #dse2014).

ise2014 final twitter graph

This post is a bit longer (than previous years), containing as it does a few more tables and lists – note especially the new ‘trending’ section.

#ISE2014 hashtag analysis for the last 30 days

No. of Tweets: 11,085
No. of Twitter impressions: 24,777,375
No. of Twitter users who tweeted: 2,078
No. of Twitter users reached: 1,892,305

Top Ten:

No Name No of Tweets
1 @rAVePubs 1,173
2 @AVMag 234
3 @DailyDOOH 201
4 @LiveInstall 195
5 @PrysmLPD 166
6 @TheMohawkMan 161
7 @NEC_Display_EU 148
8 @OutputMagazine 134
9 @Kev_McLoughlin 103
10 @SMARTBusinessDE 87

(NEW) Trending:

Other Hashtags
No Name No of Hashtags
1 #AVtweeps 1,378
2 #avnews 364
3 #DigitalSignage 231
4 #amsterdam 152
5 #liveinstall 146
6 #Crestron 130
7 #ProAv 121
8 #Cisco 105
9 #SBCamsterdam 104
10 #AOPENForum 96
User Mentions
No Name No of Mentions
1 @rAVePubs 967
2 @ISE2014 712
3 @NEC_Display_EU 361
4 @AVMag 335
5 @Barco 243
6 @ChristieDigital 223
7 @CrestronInt 171
8 @inavate 169
9 @TelePresence 165
10 @CrestronHQ 162

A couple of points to note with the two ‘trending’ reports above: –

  1. Whilst it’s sort of obvious that #AVTweeps would trend (it being a widely used and popular hashtag for the AV community), it is perhaps somewhat surprising that #DigitalSignage would rate so highly
  2. With the sheer volume of traffic from @rAVePubs it’s no surprise that they should get the most ‘user mentions’ (i.e. mentioned in a tweet by someone else) and it’s likely that as the organiser, @ISE2014 would also get a similar number of high mentions. NEC Display Solutions though should be well pleased that unprompted they were the top exhibitor mentioned by those tweeting during the show.


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